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Bodyfit Classes

Instructor Information

All instructors are BCRPA OR affiliated accredited group fitness instructors reassuring you that you are receiving the best instruction of today's fitness.

You deserve fun, hard working results, so come into Bodyz today and register for your group fitness class and watch your self ignite with new energy.

November Class Schedule

All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise indicated.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 AM     Core (Michelle)   Core (Michelle)    
7:45 AM         Power Yoga
9:00 AM Spin/Core
*75 Minutes (Jen)
Super Set Strength
Spin/Core & Buns
*75 min (Kiarra)
Super Set
Spin/Boot Camp
12:45 PM     Pilates
6:00 PM Power Yoga
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
7:15 PM   Rocket Yoga (Lindsay)
90 minutes

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Class Descriptions

Core - Build and strengthen your core stability in this fusion class which draws on fitness techniques inspired by Pilates while incorporating a multitude of equipment ranging from BOSU balls, TRX and stability balls.

Spin - Pedal your way to a healthier heart. Each class is unique where you could find yourself conquering sprint intervals, uphill climbs or racing your neighbor to the finish line. Each class ends with a short strengthening component allowing your heart rate to return to a normal rate while toning your core or glutes.

Strength/HIIT - A combination of full body strengthening using weights or body weight while incorporating high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT alternates short bursts of intense activity with less intense recovery periods. A great way to burn fat, boost metabolism and maximize your results.

Super Set Strength - build strength, flexibility and burn calories in less time by using variable counts of exercises with blasts of cardio timed to quick tempo music that will pump you up in more ways than one.

Pilates - Pilates is a unique system of controlled movements aimed at developing full body strength and improving range of motion through precise movements coordinated to breath. This class uses a mat and props with modifications available for all levels.

Bootcamp - Come ready to sweat in this circuit style course where timed intervals of challenging exercises will get your heart racing and muscles firing.

Mondays Power Yoga - Join class for an igniting practice, full of sun salutations, warriors, core engagement, and hip opening goodness. Prepare to warm up your muscles and gain strength, and a new perspective on yoga.

Tuesday's Rocket Yoga - The rocket- a fast paced class with poses focused around lifting up the energy and lifting yourself up off the ground. A full body workout that gets your cardio system going. This is a class where we bring advanced poses to beginners. A lot of this rocket class is arm balances which bring plenty of strength and fun to practice.

Wednesday 50/50 - A combination class starting with a seated meditation, moving into a mix of flow, standing, balancing, and seated postures to develop full body strength and flexibility. Ending class with a few deep, opening stretches. 50% Flow, 50% Bendy stretchy.

Thursdays Energize and Restore - This is an all levels class that will leave you feeling energized and grounded. The first half of class will move you through a series of dynamic poses, with the second half settling you into restorative, yin-like postures.

Fridays Ready for the Weekend Yoga - A medium to stronger flow with traditional movements, as well as fun and powerful flow sequences. May include inversions and introductions to more advanced asanas (poses).